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Tinfo Enterprises, Co., Ltd.
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About enterprise Tinfo Enterprises, Co., Ltd.

Tinfo Enterprise Co. Ltd. is a leading trading company in Thailand under PAL Group. It mainly manufactures varies types of bag making machines,industrial products, including Film Blowing Series; Printing and Packing Series; Stationery Series; Bottom Seal Series; Recycle Series; and 3-side Seal Bag Series. Our mother company is Plas Alliance Ltd. It has now spanned 22-year success and has contributed greatly to the growth of the Plastic bag making machine manufacturing industry. Our machines are exported to over 60 countries and various areas over the world. Our Advantage is high technology at reasonable costs for manufacturing highest quality for customers demand. Our Products: 1. Agricultural machines 2. Bag Making Machines: Film Blowing line series; Printing Series; Cutting and Sealing Series; Recycle Series; Center Sealing Bag Making Machines; Three-side Sealing Bag Making Machines. 3. Plastic bags: Garbage bags; shopping bags; zipper bags 4. Plastic materials: SEP1 Environment Protection Plastic Additive; CACO3, EXBIO Eco-Bio Degradation Plastic Raw Material.


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